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Frequently Asked Questions

A. Website

1. What is Like Movie?

Like Movie is an entertainment website that presents free movie streaming with English subtitle.

Please note, the movies on this web obtained from web search on the internet. We do not store the movie files on our own servers and we just paste those links on our website.

2. What is the server provider for streaming?

Like Movie use server Openload as main server for streaming movie.

You may find a server other than Openload because the movie has been reported or is in violation of the DMCA.

3. How to support web Like Movie?

Simply Like and Share the movie you watch on your social page. And don't forget to Follow our Facebook, Google+ or Twitter page to get information about website including maintenance, migration and change domain.

B. Streaming

1. How to download movie?

a. PC Users
  • Recommended to use Internet Download Manager for easy downloading.
b. Mobile Users
  • For mobile users it is recommended to use UC Browser or IDM android version for easy downloading.

2. How to change movie resolution?

  • The Openload server does not provide resolution options.

3. How to report an error movie?

Our system will detect automatically when the movie is unplayable or error. But for subtitle problems do not appear, not fit or other reasons, how to report that is at each bottom of the video there is a link to Report movie.

4. How to request a movie?

We do not accept movie requests because our mission is to collect and paste movie links from other websites. Because we are trying to not reupload/duplicate/reproduce, hijack, sell, etc.

5. Why movies can not be played?

There are several possible movies that can not be played, including the following:

  1. Your internet connection is inadequate for streaming. It is recommended to download and play movies on your computer/smartphone offline.
  2. Your browser does not support to display HTML5 video player. It is recommended to use the browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or UC Browser and make sure it is up to date.
  3. The effect of browser extensions. It is recommended to disable or uninstall especially the fixPlay or adBlocker extensions and its kind.
  4. The movie has been deleted by the movie storage provider. As you know, the movie is not stored on our own server. But it is stored from the respective link provider.

6. Why movie only sound no any graphic appear?

There are several possible movies that no any graphic appear (black screen, green screen, etc) but only sound, including the following:

  1. If green screen, then you have problem with your computer to render video graphic. Usually there are crash plugin Flash Player or there is no graphic driver installed. Try to use Google Chrome browser and make sure it is up to date.
  2. If black screen, then it is the effect of browser extension. It is recommended to disable or uninstall especially the fixPlay or adBlocker extensions and its kind.
  3. If it is considered a broken video link, then report immediately to us.

7. Why no movie quality info?

We've set the highest-quality movie standard with at least DVDRip here, for new movies which is still CAM, it will be tagged in the genre section.

8. Why my computer restarted when streaming?

It can be happened when your computer is using an old processor like Pentium 4 and RAM under 1Gb. It could also be happened because your computer opens too many browser tabs or other programs.

C. Advertise

1. How to advertise?

You can directly contact the admin by filling out the form on the Contact page. If not fill the form on the contact page then it will not be served.

2. How many available slots?

We only provide 3 slots only content, footer and sidebar.

Here's an ads size detail:

  • Content: Position below video with size 480x60.
  • Footer: Position below video detail with 720x90 size.
  • Sidebar: The position to the right of the sidebar is 336x280.

3. Why Popup Ads appear?

We prohibit the installation of Popup Ads, but if you find Popup Ads on this website, it does not come from our website but from a video service provider other than Google Drive. You can use Addons to prevent them but with risk of non-playable video.